Tone Cluster’s Artistic Director (virtual) Deirdre Kellerman has announced our 2020-21 virtual season:

Show Tune Showdown (April 24) – an exciting first-ever virtual edition of our popular musical theatre competition and game show!

Mark your calendars – Saturday, April 24th.  Ottawa’s musical theatre performance game show is back this year in virtual form for and will be available to stream until Friday, May 7th!

Come join Ain’t Seen Noth’n Yet, Orpheus Musical Theatre and Zucchini Productions as they battle it out with guest judges CBC’s All in a Day host Alan Neal, choir director Robert Filion and singer-songwriter Lynn Miles! (Yes – THAT Lynn Miles!). To get you out of that pandemic funk, this year the show is free! Bring a friend – bring 100 friends! On-line donations to the event host Tone Cluster-quite a queer choir are always appreciated.

Don’t Stop Me Now: Songs of Resilience
From March 8 to 22, Tone Cluster celebrated the resiliency and strength of our queer singing community with protest music and contemporary choral pieces, sewn together with exciting videos and beautiful imagery including “live” painting by Therese Bergmann.

Many thanks to all those who took the time to watch Tone Cluster’s virtual concert “Don’t Stop Me Now: Songs of Resilience”. The concert was available on our YouTube channel from March 8 to 22, 2021 and is no longer available.

While it was available, we received over 1250 views. We are thankful to the many Tone Cluster supporters who donated generously and shared rave reviews.

Make Peace With It (premieres June 7) – a programme of songs of acceptance and self-worth, will feature Ontario singer-songwriter, Jadea Kelly

Our 2020-21 season launched on December 14th with a fabulous virtual concert: Make the Yuletide Gay!

It featured some special guests — Ms. Horizon, and In Harmony – A Women’s Choir — and premiered on our YouTube channel from December 14th to December 28th.

While it was available, we received over 1100 views. Our request for donations that was part of the content was answered generously by Tone Cluster supporters. What a positive way to end the difficult year that was 2020.