Tone Cluster is fortunate to have two excellent musicians to teach us, inspire us and support us —
Kurt Ala-Kantti, our artistic director and Vincent Mar, our accompanist.


Kurt was appointed as director of Tone Cluster — quite a queer choir in 2011. He is also artistic director and founder of Harmonia Choir of Ottawa, a choir he started in 2003 to promote and perform the music of Canadian and local composers in addition to traditional choral music.
Kurt serves as Director of Music for St. Thomas Anglican Church, Artistic Director of  Cross Town Youth Chorus, and is Music Director for the Cumberland Community Singers.
With a keen interest in choral performance and excellence he has been a member of several local choirs. He was a founding member of the Ottawa Regional Youth Choir and he sang professionally with the critically acclaimed Ottawa Bach Choir. He currently performs with the twelve-voice renaissance ensemble Coro Capriccio.

Over the past 10 years, Vincent has become a regular fixture as the choir’s accompanist. Born in Montreal, Vincent grew up in Edmonton and worked in Calgary before coming to Ottawa. He has been playing piano since he was six. Vincent holds degrees in computing science and translation. He is currently a mild-mannered translator by day and a prolific accompanist by night.
The first gay event Vincent ever attended was “In the Name of Love,” a concert by the Calgary Men’s Chorus. Since then, he has been a singer and accompanist with the Calgary Men’s Chorus, a performer in ¡Olé!, and an accompanist for the Choeur gai d’Ottawa Gay Men’s Chorus and Tone Cluster. Vincent first appeared with Tone Cluster in Montreal at the 7th international GALA Choruses festival, where he performed a time-honoured Tone Cluster tradition, namely, the striking of a tone cluster!