Board Mandate and Process

It is the mandate of the Board of Directors to initiate and oversee the organizational and operational activities necessary to carry out the mission and achieve the goals of the choir. The Board of Directors has primary responsibility for the governance of the choir including its financial, and administrative aspects and is directly responsible to the general membership of the choir.

Tone Cluster’s Board of Directors is elected at the choir’s Annual General Meeting, held at the end of each singing season. Any choir member in good standing may stand for election to the Board and serve a two year term. The Board meets on a monthly basis or as needed and makes minutes available to its membership.

Introducing our New Board of Directors



Recently, Tone Cluster-quite a queer choir elected a new Board of Directors with an exciting year planned.Our choristers are back making music again, both in-person and virtually, with the Board’s COVID-19 Committee carefully managing our move to a hybrid season. Our first concert will be virtual, and subject to public health guidelines, we are hoping to be back to some in person performances in the new year.

In addition to navigating COVID, the new Board will be focusing their efforts on equity and belonging initiatives, policy and governance, financial management, membership liaison, community development, and special projects such as Unison in Halifax.

The 2021/2022 Board:

Chair: Colum Grove-White

Treasurer: Jan Andrews

Secretary / Membership Coordinator: Marie-Elyse Gilbert

Members at Large: Roger Butt, Keith Duncanson, Maddy Cowdell


Tone Cluster’s Governance Document:

In HTML: TC Gov Doc – amended 23 Jun 2008

In PDF format: TC Gov Doc – amended 23 Jun 2008

Please note that you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to access the PDF version of this document.