choir in triangle bw

When Tone Cluster began in 1994 as a gay madrigal group with a temporary name, no one was thinking about what the future might hold for the choir. Almost 30 years later, Tone Cluster is a vibrant musical ensemble that contributes both musically to the Ottawa arts scene and socially as part of Ottawa’s LGBTQ2SIA+  community.

Tone Cluster donates its time to helping the groups that support Ottawa’s gay community: the choir has sung at events hosted by Pink Triangle Services and Egale and for organizations concerned with HIV/AIDS. The choir has marched as a group in support of Bruce House and for equal marriage in Canada.

Tone Cluster’s concerts continue to attract a wide audience that enjoys the group’s eclectic repertoire that includes madrigals, jazz, contemporary Canadiana, world music, and much more. The choir takes pride in showcasing talented performers from Ottawa-Gatineau at its concerts and commissions new works from Canadian composers.

The choir has grown over the years into a group of LGBTQ2SIA+ singers and their allies who come to rehearsal each Monday night to celebrate diversity, enjoy each other’s company, and make some great music.