25th Anniversary Concert!

In News by Jan

It is so easy to become outraged. Everywhere we look something is going wrong: in traffic, on the internet, with the weather, with politics, the environment, I could go on…. It’s easy to become overwhelmed. All the outrage with not too much resolution and suddenly I’m spending all my free time in a cocoon of games on my phone, shows on Netflix and staying inside.

I believe some of the answers to tackling all these issues lies in community and even in beauty. With beauty we can relax our defenses and open to new ideas. With community we can feel supported and feel like we make a difference. This can help protect us against feelings of hopelessness and being overwhelmed. This is how I feel with my choir community.

I hope Tone Cluster can share this feeling with you at our 25th anniversary concert.

Our Artistic Director, Kurt Ala-Kantti has lined up some engaging speakers, and some powerful repertoire. You can feel touched by the beauty of song and truly excellent choral work. You can also feel connected as we invite you into our community to celebrate how far we’ve come over the last 25 years and as we raise awareness in solidarity, of how far we still have to go.

Lastly, this concert includes my favourite piece of music of all my years in Tone Cluster! See if you can guess which one it is (hint I’m a data nerd, trapped in the Goth 80s and this “hymn” plays to all of it). I’d also love to hear which piece is your favourite!

A special note if you’ve ever sung in Tone Cluster: If you are planning on coming to the concert, please join us in singing “How Could Anyone”. For more details watch this space or email info@tonecluster.ca.

2019 March 23, First Baptist, Elgin & Laurier, 7:30 pm

Sarah Wibberley, President, Tone Cluster—quite a queer choir