Voices of Earth Concert – April 22nd

In News by Jan

You know those nights where you find yourself laughing from the sheer joy of being alive? Those nights can be rare after a long Ottawa Winter, but they happen a lot more often when you get to work with Kathy Armstrong and experience the drumming and dance of Ghana. The rhythms and exuberance are simply infectious. I dare say you’ll be bouncing in your seat!

Yet, Tone Cluster’s next concert is not only a concert of joy, but also of beauty. Artistic Director, Kurt Ala-Kantti has programmed a journey of sound perfect for Spring. There is something sublime about a piece that uplifts you through its images and the sound that surrounds you; several times this rehearsal season I found myself sinking into the music in just this way. I can’t wait to share it with you!

Celebrate Earth Day with joy and beauty on April 22 with Voices of Earth.

Here is the Concert Programme: TC Voices of Earth programme

Sarah Wibberley, Tone Cluster President