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Sandra Abma CBC Radio Week-End Update featuring Tone Cluster

Here are some samples:

Tone Cluster Virtual Video, August 2020:

Tiny Lights Performed by: Tone Cluster — quite a queer choir

Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Songwriter: Coco Love Alcorn (

Arrangement: Denis Donnelly (

Used by permission of songwriter and arranger.

Virtual Choir Video Artistic Director: Cordon Purcell

Producer: Rob Bowman

Supported, in part, by: Capital Pride

Protest/Parade footage: Storyblocks

Donations appreciated

Sponsored by:

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Hold On at St. Lawrence Stage, September 2013 – opening for Shane Koyczan, directed by Kurt Ala-Kantti

Hold Me Rock Me at Mosaik Festival, 2014 – composed and directed by Brian Tate

Hevenu Shalom Aleychem at Peace Concert November 2013 – with Harmonia Choir and Cross Town Youth Choir, directed by Kurt Ala-Kantti

Oye (Are You Listening) at words.2 concert April 2014 – with De La Salle Junior Choir and Arnprior District High School Choir, directed by Robert Filion