Announcement re: COVID-19

In News by Sarah Wibberley

I had hoped to be sharing news of the treat we have in store for you at our March 28th concert: Gay Poets Society, a celebration of queer voices in prose, poetry and song.  Instead, I am sharing with you a message of solidarity in the quest to keep everyone safe and our health care system from being overwhelmed. For the care of our singers and community, we will not be holding our concert on March 28.  For those of you who have purchased tickets or season’s passes, you can expect to be contacted regarding refunds shortly.

We will also be monitoring the situation with respect to Show Tune Showdown April 18, and offering an update soon.

Many sites are there to give you the best strategies to stay safe and uplifted in this time of COVID-19 pandemic, please consult these health and mental health experts.  For example:

Queer community knows a thing or two about persistence and resilience. Our Tone Cluster—quite a queer choir family wants you to know we’re not going anywhere.  We are hard at work devising options to share beautiful music and our community spirit for many seasons to come.

In the meanwhile please consider supporting local artists and musicians, especially those in marginalized communities, while they are unable to perform.  Consider requesting that your tickets be turned into a donation rather than a refund.  Consider purchasing CDs and digital downloads where artists have them available. 

Even at a distance, we are with you in music.

Sarah Wibberley

President, Tone Cluster—quite a queer choir